Team Grey Head

The Names & Faces Behind Grey Head Media

Rahul Neel Mani

Co-founder & Editor

Rahul Neel Mani is the Co-founder and Editor for Grey Head Media. With over 23-years of experience in B2B technology media, and widely known and respected in the CIO and CISO communities, Rahul leads Grey Head’s editorial and strategic initiatives. Having worked extensively with CIOs and CISOs on one side, and technology producers on the other side, his understanding of the unique challenges of the entire ecosystem is par excellence. Rahul's grasp over the technology, cybersecurity and digital domains is fairly comprehensive and far-reaching. Rahul has over 25,000 followers across social media platforms. Besides work, Rahul is an amateur wildlife enthusiast and has interests in long-distance driving and nature photography.

Over 18 years of experience in B2B Media